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Gor Avetisyan / biography


Born in Armenia, Yerevan in 1963

1978 > 82 Graduated from the Phanos Terlemezyan High Art School

1982 > 90 Graduated from State Institute of Fine Arts, Yerevan

1990 Scholarship at the Alanus High school of Fine Arts and Music - Alfter, Germany

1990 Studying and working at the Atelier of Aramais Avetisyan in Finland

1990 Invitation for studium at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Gent, Belgium

Since the beginning of his career Gor was fascinated by the traditional Armenian carpet making techniques and traditional craftsmen works.

So these, as well as the dramatic sense for form and colours presented by M. Saryan, the most known Armenian landscape painter, influenced and transformed his expression of art - filling it with of sun and energy.

Apparent in Gor Avetisyan

Secret Eye of Muse (sold-private collecctor- Switzerland)
95 x 95 cm

Luminous Dimension I
95 x 90 cm

Uplifting Emotions
110 x 140 cm

Stars Secret
140 x 140 cm

Still Life With Burning Fountine
95 x 95 cm

Gone with a Wind II
70 x 50 cm

Invisible thoughts...
49 x 59 cm

Celebration Meeting (reserved)
100 x 110 cm

The Last Music
50 x 150 x 45 cm

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